Preamplifier Dark Pre 101D

Preamplifier containing relevant sound characteristics, made up with extreme care in order to eliminate internal resonances and crackles that are generally caused by small magnetic fields. The protection and the shielding are really important for this "no noise" product . The tubes are selected and chosen to handle a wide and dynamic range with a universal matching to any power.


Tube Adopted 101D x 2, Pre-Tube 6SN7 x 4, Pot-Tube 5AR4 x 1

Capacitors Supreme Silver-Oil in silver
Nichicon Gold Tune Capacitors
Solen Gold Label Capacitors
Resistors selected at 1% of tolerance for the entire circuit
Melody Power transformers with oversized OCC filament
Ceramic sockets with terminals in gold OCC
Connectors Speaker of high-end binding posts
PIN-RCA Connectors by CMC 816
Black finish lacquer
Remote control for volume for the regulation of the volume