Power amplifier Dark Power 300B-2

A pair of refined and precious monophonic, a selected pair of 300B in pure class A. An artwork similar to pure black 8 but with more power. Refined sound with high efficient speakers, where what one is looking for is only the quality in listening to music. The 300B tubes possess a high sensitivity in the sound reproduction and in the reproduction of parts of the sound stage, never dry but with an exciting sound.

A pair of monophonic amplifiers with a power in class A.

Power-Tube 300B x 2 in Push-Pull, Pre-Tube 6SN7 x 2. (single monophonic)

Capacitors Supreme Silver-Oil in silver
Nichicon Gold Tune Capacitors
Solen Gold Label Capacitors
Resistors selected at 1% of tolerance for the entire circuit
Melody Power transformers with oversized OCC filament
Ceramic sockets with terminals in gold OCC
Connectors Speaker of high-end binding posts
PIN-RCA Connectors by CMC 816
Black finish lacquer