History of Melody

History and birth of Melody

Melody was founded in Melbourne (Australia) by a group of military engineers in 1997. The love for the music brought these people to project flawless tube amps. The choice of the tube was essential, the best ones were those of military extraction, because of their high quality of realization. As such, there was a strong willingness for the realization of a refined product with a great balance of sound. The first sales were made in a hi-fi shop in the suburb of Melbourne, Bayswater.

Luckily, sales increased more and more with great consideration of critics and audiences. Thus doing a concrete manufacturer of amplifiers was born always maintaining a quality of production at an amateur level with a unique cure of the assembly in its kind. Nowadays, Melody boasts a worldwide audience. Pacetech distributor for Europe carries on this magical experience for the satisfaction of his dear public.

Eco Friendly

All Melody products are made with primary materials treated with products without lead making the product recyclable without damaging the environment.

CE Mark

All Melody products comply with the CE European Directives for the quality of materials and for the electrical safety in a home environment.